Climbing a mountain and lifting 500lbs on an empty stomach

NEVER underestimate the power within your own heart to push past pain, hunger, and weather to do something like………climbing a damn mountain! We (fiancee’ and myself) started out the morning with a heavy duty back workout consisting of deadlifts, rows, and pulldowns

Gina is on a mission to lift heavy weights, and has a personal best pull of 218lbs! But today I had her do less weight and more volume, working up to pulling a single with 191lbs…… meanwhile I worked up to an easy pull of 507lbs on the trap bar deadlift……felt light and easy, but I’m lifting only two weeks off a severe back injury (sacro-iliac sprain)

Back in 2010 (when I went vegan) I was pulling over 700lbs for reps on trap bar deadlifts, haha I remember having to use a ratchet strap to hold all the weights on each side because the plate arm wasn’t long enough to fit ‘em all……..I’ll be back to those in no time ;)

After finishing up with some light rows and pulldowns, we hopped in the truck and headed to Wimberley (beautiful Texas Hill Country town) to climb the enchanted Mt Baldy……..a terraced climb of about 300ft……..last time I did it in February, it took me 22 minutes……today I got to the top in 12 minutes!!!

Things are looking and feeling good even after a weekend splurge on tasty vegan food haha, but as you can see – we are back on track!!!


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6 Responses to Climbing a mountain and lifting 500lbs on an empty stomach

  1. Crystal says:

    yay Mike! keep it up :)

  2. Mountain Man says:

    Glad to know you’re doing well, man. Looking forward to more updates. Nice looking site, too.

    • Big Bald Mike says:

      Mountain Man! The last few years have been a huge up and down struggle……after getting off drugs and alcohol at the beginning of 2009, becoming a professional wrestler, meeting the love of my life, then becoming a vegan – well lets just say it has taken 3 years to adjust and I’m doing well brotha. I appreciate all the support you and yer members at gave me while I was going thru my struggle to get clean!! Stay tuned my man, there’s a lotta more to come ;)

  3. Pierre says:

    Beast. next week, carry the trap bar up the mountain.

    • Big Bald Mike says:

      Haha thanks Pierre! Unfortunately it is kind of a dangerous climb and I need both my arms, but I definitely plan on wearing a weight vest once I drop some more weight…..just to make it that much more hardcore! thanks fer checking in brotha

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