Gorilla Strength and Leafy Greens……training with pretty girls…….fun fun fun

For those of you that want to be strong, I’m living proof that you can have freaky strength from eating plants…….just like a big bad gorilla

Had a great workout tonight with my Gina and the incredible Michelle! It was a warm 95 degrees in the garage gym, but we still got our pump on……Gina and Michelle are starting to get definition and it was popping tonight on their shoulder workout!

No food today except celery and some kale, but I still went out there and lifted over 25,000lbs total on shoulders and triceps – a fun formula to use to impress your friends and show how much weight you lift in one workout is to multiply each set you do like this: number of reps x the weight used – add the sets together and BOOM — big ass weight to brag about, and motivate your thinking that our bodies are capable of handling an extreme amount of weight in a short amount of time!

I did 135lbs on shoulder presses for over 200 reps haha…….so do the math and you’ll see that gorilla strength is possible by eating leafy greens

And pretty girls like to hang around this gorilla in the gym, so it makes sense ;)



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4 Responses to Gorilla Strength and Leafy Greens……training with pretty girls…….fun fun fun

  1. Ritter says:

    Dude. Remember back when you weren’t the least bit intimidating? When you were innocent and naive? When smoking cigarettes was fuckin extreme!!! I remember staying up all night listening to music. I remember recording you a cassette of Vulgar Display (we’re old). Keep pumping that iron old friend. Get it

  2. Mario says:

    Hallo BIG M
    tolle Page, gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Grüße aus Deutschland
    Mario V Earthling

  3. Barry Bliss says:

    MM at Eat Clean lift Hard says your doing well.
    Keep it up, bro, and stop by ECLH some time if you’d like.

    Just put together a band of peers.
    We do metal.

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