Ladies and gentleman, meet Dr. Linda Carney, MD

Last week I stopped by Dr. Linda Carney’s office in Buda, TX for lunch. I was anxious to get there because usually it is them (Dr. Carney and her husband Sean) who feed me lunch, but this time I did the cooking! It is always a joy to be in their office, being welcomed by the smell of fresh whole foods cooking in the kitchen, which is a unique sensation going into a doctor’s office.

I haven’t seen them much this summer, because I was driving a taxi 15-18 hours a day. But when I bumped into them at Rip Esselstyn’s potluck last week (, I knew I had to make some time to go see Dr. Carney and Sean. After all, they are responsible for me giving me┬ámy health back earlier this year- by completely changing my dietary habits and encouraging me to exercise. and providing an educational setting that helped build a foundation of knowledge to the reasons why I should avoid foods with oils, sugars, dairy, meat, and caffeine products.

Here is a picture of what whole-food plant nutrition looks like at Dr. Carney’s office last Friday:

The menu included brown rice, black bean/kale stew, yucca root and my signature pico de gallo. I attribute my good feelings to making this pico everyday and eating it by itself or on top of anything. Simple recipe all you need is:

5-6 roma tomatoes (chopped)

1 small red onion (chopped)

6-7 cloves of garlic (minced)

1-2 jalapeno or serrano peppers (chopped)

huge handful of cilantro (chopped)

juice from 3-4 limes

put all ingredients in bowl and mix together – eat – have a fiesta – whatever makes you happy, it is that easy!

I’m gonna be going back to their office this week, and plan on making lunch again for these two incredibly beautiful, caring people that have done so much for me physically, spiritually and emotionally. If you feel inspired please contact them at

Happy healthy eating to you all!

- Big Bald Mike


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  1. Alycia says:

    So awesome to hear. Glad all is going so well for you!!

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