Mercy for Animals interview!!!

Wow! I am very fortunate to be recognized for taking a stand on animal cruelty, and as a vegan athlete!

Here is the blog post on Mercy for Animals website:

Aside from the awesome news, let’s talk about today’s training sessions that took place at Bone Breaker Barbell…….

After spending all day in Austin trying to get all my paperwork to be a cab driver, I made it home in time to train my first client and kicked her butt haha…….after she left my Gina and our friend Megan wanted me to train them – but I only slept 3.5 hrs last night, so I was ready to crash! But some force inside me rose up and I ended up going out there (Bone Breaker Barbell – my home gym) in the 95 degree humid ass weather and we all blasted chest together……damn glad I went out there and shoved some iron around……..I’ll sleep good tonight!

Happy Health to you all!!!!

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2 Responses to Mercy for Animals interview!!!

  1. tom connors says:

    Hi Mike! It is an absolute joy to read about you & your personal crusade for health, & of course, against horrific cruelty & environmental degradation. If your crusade for animals & veganism is anything like your pumping iron, then I`d say that the animal “foods” industry is in for some bad times ahead! Keep up the great work, Mike!

    • Big Bald Mike says:

      Tom, thank you for your kind words….. I look forward to more opportunities to bring awareness of cruelty of animals, and show people that they can be great athletes and “manly men” by eating a compassionate, plant diet like I do. Spread the word friend, and lets reach more people – my game face is ON

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