One year = 113lbs DESTROYED

About a year ago, I was a miserable person and I was in terrible pain… my body was broken down, and had some serious issues going on internally that I was not aware of unfortunately. I got some work scrapping copper out of old air conditioners around mid-January of 2012, and one day took a load of scrap metal to the junkyard to sell, and decided to step on the big weighing scales there (my scale only goes to 500lbs), and was shocked to read that it said 571 – I was sick to think that I had gotten to be almost 600lbs!!!

I knew it was a mater of time before I was going to die, and I knew I had some serious diet issues to address. Even though I thought I was a vegan, I really wasnt – when I first made the choice to be vegan in June 2010, I started out eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but soon started giving in to my junk food addiction and was going for all the meat substitutes like Morning Star products, and hitting all the amazing vegan junk/comfort food trailers that Austin, TX has to offer, not really the best thing for a compulsive overeater like myself. Believe it or not, I went from 419lbs in June of 2010, to 571lbs in January of 2012 – I gained 152lbs of bodyfat in 1.5 years because I was STILL eating DAIRY and EGG products in the vegan junk food!!! I kicked myself in the face wondering why I was gaining so much weight, and felt even dumber knowing that I was not reading the labels on packages to make sure they were COMPLETELY animal free.

So there you have my confession in stupidity, and as a result I almost died of heart disease.

Okay, I step on the scale at 571lbs and start doing my best to eat cleaner – all I ate was apples and peanuts, salads with lots of veggies, and “healthier” vegan frozen food like Amy’s burritos. By the time I met Dr. Linda Carney in late March, I was down to 538lbs. Most of you know the story from there if you have followed my updates..

The journey from 538lbs to 491lbs was a DIFFICULT and draining process, but once I got under 500lbs, the energy surge I had was unbelieveable!! That energy has only increased now that I am down to 458lbs

571lbs to 458lbs in one year – all (mostly haha) whole food vegan cooking and my journey is just getting started

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11 Responses to One year = 113lbs DESTROYED

  1. Aimee says:

    Awesome blog! I’m proud of you my friend <3 Much love!!!!!!

  2. Excellent progress! I heard about your story on James McWilliams’ blog and wanted to come over and say “Hi!” Way to go!

    • Big Bald Mike says:

      Lisa, thank you for your kind words! The journey continues, and it is going good.. down to 439lbs and feeling great!

  3. Crystal says:

    Still rooting you on, Mike! Love your dedication, keep inspiring! <3 Crystal

  4. Jennifer says:

    Mike – Your story is amazing! Keep it going and thank you for sharing!!

  5. BB says:

    Wow, you are awesome person! Good luck on your journey :)

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