Putting an end to murder – the reason I don’t want to drive anymore

Nature is so damn beautiful……here in central Texas the wildflowers are a bloomin’, birds and bees are singing and buzzing, and the most miraculous form of life on our planet is being murdered everyday :(

Because them beautiful butterflies are busy checking out all the flowers on the edge of our roadways, they don’t always get out of the way of our vehicles and it makes me sad……. I feel like I am in a race car game trying to dodge them, but still can’t avoid all of them dammit! >:(

I’m thinking about getting a horse and buggy and running my city errands Amish-style……… I just can’t stand the thought of disrupting the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterflies’ short life….


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3 Responses to Putting an end to murder – the reason I don’t want to drive anymore

  1. gina says:

    aww, mikey! it is sad, they have such a short and tough life as it is and seeing their broken bodies on the road is very depresseing. at least you try to avoid them, most people do not even notice them and just drive like zombies with drool coming out their mouths. you have a good heart!

  2. CQ says:

    I found you via James’ Eating Plants blog today, and I want to say: CONGRATULATIONS, BIG BALD MIKE!

    Who’s that sweet bird on your shoulder?

    I love that you love the beautiful butterflies. A monarch who couldn’t fly lived in my bedroom for one whole month in December 2011 and then one sunny afternoon decided it was time to depart — up up up he spiraled, circling over the back porch, and then realized he really COULD fly, finally. (He flew over my head the next afternoon to assure me that he was well and safe and happy!).

    If you go to my website, you’ll find butterflies flitting about, in both silhouettes and text on the home page, and also at the top of Chapter 1 and the last page of Chapter 28. (And different papillons float throughout the other chapters.)

    Can’t wait for you to reach your goal so you can hit the road and encourage Americans, by your example, the benefits of acting kind and just toward all beings.

    • Big Bald Mike says:

      CQ, thanks for connecting! Haha that is actually my neighbor’s chicken on my shoulder. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about the monarch who lived in your bedroom.. and thank you for sharing your website.

      Another 139lbs to lose and then BAM I’m gonna go out on the road and show people tough man vegan compassion, it is my gift, and I believe it is my duty and purpose to do such work in life… any guidance along the way is helpful

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